It's true!

You CAN protect coral reefs in real life! Not just on Nemo's Reef online.

Do coral reefs need protecting?

Yes coral reefs do - not just from boats and shipwrecks that crash into them and break them up - but all kinds of things that can happen to hurt reefs, stop them from getting enough food and sunlight - all things that Nemo and his dad know are important.

We'll post some pages on the blog to share things you can do to help coral reefs and sea creatures and organizations you may want to join.

We'll post some photos of real life reefs and add more real facts just like Nemo and Marlin do!

About the blogger: 

Just here to help out on Nemo's Reef and possibly help you think about doing somethings online or out in the world to help real reefs succeed.

  • Our Oceans get more polluted everyday - yet we can help it survive today and for tomorrow.  In little ways and in big ways.
  • Your good with your smart phone and the internet - use them to help sea life in real life.
  • You can make a difference whether it's to one starfish dying on a beach in the sun or to many starfish being caught, dried out, and sold dead as a souvenir.
  • You'll think about it - put your ind to it - and enjoy being a real friend to all the Ocean's Nemos.

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