Patches allow you to save space on your reef by letting you combine four plants on one space. On high levels you will have problems finding free space on your reef and patches definitely help. On Level 47 for example you can combine four Red Christmas Tree Corals in one patch delivering 1000 Algae each 5h! The number of available patches increases with each level, as well as the vitality.


The following table illustrates the various decorative items available from the Specials tab of Nursery items. It should be noted that some items were limited-time offers, and are no longer available. Also, some previously limited items have recently become regularly available on most platforms (Windows being the exception.)

ImageNameLevelCostSell SDs
SPC Rock
Rock270 UI Resource SD35 UI Resource SD
SPC Lime Mushroom Cap Rock
Lime Mushroom Cap Rock310 UI Resource Pearl100 UI Resource SD
SPC Spotted Mushroom Cap Rock
Spotted Mushroom Cap Rock3200 UI Resource SD100 UI Resource SD
SPC Bonehead Rock
Bonehead Rock31500 UI Resource SD750 UI Resource SD
SPC Yellow Starfish on Rock
Yellow Starfish on Rock41000 UI Resource SD500 UI Resource SD
SPC Stone Statue
Stone Statue4650 UI Resource SD325 UI Resource SD
SPC Heap of Stones
Heap of Stones480 UI Resource SD40 UI Resource SD
SPC Urchin's Shell
Urchin's Shell590 UI Resource SD45 UI Resource SD
SPC Flat Rock
Flat Rock6100 UI Resource SD50 UI Resource SD
SPC Purple Bangia on a Rocky Ground
Purple Bangia on a Rocky Ground710 UI Resource Pearl100 UI Resource SD
SPC Large Dune
Large Dune770 UI Resource SD35 UI Resource SD
SPC Pavona Cactus on a Bedrock
Pavona Cactus on a Bedrock810 UI Resource Pearl100 UI Resource SD
SPC Mineral Hedge
Mineral Hedge9120 UI Resource SD60 UI Resource SD
SPC Submarine Standing Stone
Submarine Standing Stone1015 UI Resource Pearl140 UI Resource SD
SPC Boulder
Boulder11130 UI Resource SD65 UI Resource SD
SPC Stone Pile
Stone Pile12140 UI Resource SD70 UI Resource SD
SPC Feather Duster
Feather Duster152000 UI Resource SD1000 UI Resource SD
SPC Dune of Sand
Dune of Sand17150 UI Resource SD75 UI Resource SD
SPC Sediment Hedge
Sediment Hedge18180 UI Resource SD90 UI Resource SD
SPC Small Shell
Small Shell23200 UI Resource SD100 UI Resource SD
SPC Golden Mineral Hedge
Golden Mineral Hedge40500 UI Resource SD250 UI Resource SD
SPC Giant Shell
Giant Shell421000 UI Resource SD500 UI Resource SD
SPC Color Stones
Color Stones5420000 UI Resource SD10000 UI Resource SD

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