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Welcome to the Nemo's Reef Wiki

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Nemo's Reef app -- Official Disney Trailer

Welcome to the Nemo's Reef Wiki!
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Warning: Spoilers are to be expected and will be unmarked!

Also, please don't make suggestions in articles, Contact Disney about them.

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Even though Nemo's Reef has some reference material available at Disney's website for the game, much of what is known about the game has been discovered by the players over the two year period it has existed. Most notable of these players are the early members of the Nemo's Reef forum hosted on The admins of this wiki have gained much of our experience and knowledge while participating at that forum, and owe that knowledge to the original contributors there. At this time, we would like to acknowledge some of the most prolific contributors at GD by name:

  • AngleDoodlefish - extensive research into the inner workings of the game, and highly prolific contributor of visual guides, charts, and other player aids
  • Patrick

This list is not finished. Please contact Entharion with any concerns regarding attribution.


Upcoming changes planned for the wiki

A number of changes will soon be happening on the wiki. The most noticeable of these will be a complete redesign of this Main page, as well as a general "facelift" for the style elements on all pages. Anyone with experience in CSS (especially CSS3) is welcome and encouraged to contribute to this effort.

Regular visitors to the page might want to check in periodically over the next few days (or possibly weeks) to watch as these changes take place. We hope to transform the wiki from its current state into something that looks and feels like an extension to the game interface. With that in mind, we ask for your patience, as this endeavor has been described as ambitious, and may require us to learn a few things to bring it all together. We thank you in advance.  Emoticon_happy.png

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