Some of the fish in the reef are characters from the Nemo movies. Many are in the Collection book as Friends.

  • Nemo - (no item)
  • Marlin - (no item)
  • Dory - Dory's Tiki Heads
  • Bloat - Bloat's Ring of Fire
  • Bubbles - Bubble's Stone Chest
  • Peach - (comes with her own rock)
  • Jacques - Jacques' Stone Helmet
  • Gurgle - Gurgle's Hideout
  • Deb - Deb's Shell
  • Gill - Gill's Skull

Mr. Ray

Mr. Ray is the school teacher and appears daily to give Nemo an assignment. The homework gives rewards if completed within 24hrs.

Many of his tasks are repeated. You may want to keep some standard plants to speed up homework.

Known Homework Tasks

  • Plant 2 Maroon Pipe Sponges
  • Feed 4 Rare Fish
  • Collect x Sand Dollars from chests
  • Collect x Algae from chests

Bruce the Shark

Bruce appears as a weekend event and scares away all your fish. You have to find and click on all of them to return your reef to normal and to earn a reward.


Barracudas are mentioned as a threat to the reef but are not seen. Nemo plants corals to keep them away.

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