Various types of plants and other decorations in Nemo's Reef (under construction)

The following is a list of "LIMITED time" coral and living

Limited Offer Occured To Buy Cost to Grow Grow Duration Produces Every Num of XP
Blue Coral Independence Weekend 2014
Pink Bubble Coral Easter Weekend 2013 10p 50a 1m 50a 100m 40
Blue Bubble Coral Easter Weekend 2013 20p 80a 1m 30a 15m 25
Yellow Bubble Coral Easter Weekend 2013 400sd 250a 60m 40a 480m 55
Lace Coral Valentines 2014 15p 100a 2m 200a 12h
Blue Branching Seaweed early 2014 800sd 250a 25m 100sd 30m 50
White Tube Sponge late 2013 250sd 25sd 150m

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